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The Candidate

The Candidate (1972)

Rating: 7.1 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Candidate. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Robert Redford as Bill McKay

Peter Boyle as Marvin Lucas

Has previous starred with David Moody (2 movies), Morgan Upton (2 movies), Quinn K. Redeker (2 movies), Allen Garfield (3 movies)

Melvyn Douglas as John J. McKay

Has previous starred with Dudley Knight (2 movies), Morgan Upton (2 movies), Kenneth Tobey (2 movies)

Don Porter as Senator Crocker Jarmon

Has previous starred with Kenneth Tobey (2 movies)

Allen Garfield as Klein

Has previous starred with Michael Lerner (2 movies), George Meyer (2 movies)

Karen Carlson as Nancy McKay

Quinn K. Redeker as Rick Jenkin

Has previous starred with Robert Redford (2 movies)

Morgan Upton as Wally Henderson

Michael Lerner as Paul Corliss

Has previous starred with David Moody (2 movies), Quinn K. Redeker (2 movies), Kenneth Tobey (2 movies)

Kenneth Tobey as Floyd J. Starkey

Has previous starred with Lois Foraker (2 movies)

Christopher Pray as David

Has previous starred with Lois Foraker (2 movies), Morgan Upton (4 movies)

Joe Miksak as Neil Atkinson

Has previous starred with Christopher Pray (2 movies), Morgan Upton (2 movies)

Jenny Sullivan as Lynn

Tom Dahlgren as Pilot

Gerald Hiken as Station Manager

Leslie Allen as Mabel

Jason Goodrow as Boy in Commercial

Robert De Anda as Jaime

Robert Goldsby as Fleischer

Mike Barnicle as Wilson

Lois Foraker as Large Girl

David Moody as Watts Heckler

Has previous starred with Quinn K. Redeker (2 movies), Morgan Upton (2 movies)

George Meyer as Man in Urinal

Has previous starred with Joe Miksak (2 movies), Christopher Pray (2 movies)

Dudley Knight as Magazine Editor

Has previous starred with Morgan Upton (2 movies)

Fred L. Van Amburg as Van Amburg

Richard Bergholtz as Richard Bergholtz

Jesse Birnbaum as Jesse Birnbaum

Ken Cory as Assemblyman Ken Cory

Alan Cranston as Senator Alan Cranston

Judy Fayard as Judy Fayard

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