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Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death (1947)

Rating: 7.6 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Kiss of Death. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Victor Mature as Nick Bianco

Has previous starred with Tito Vuolo (2 movies), Coleen Gray (2 movies), Jesse White (3 movies)

Brian Donlevy as Assistant D.A. Louis D'Angelo

Has previous starred with Bernard Sell (2 movies), Taylor Holmes (3 movies)

Coleen Gray as Nettie

Richard Widmark as Tommy Udo

Taylor Holmes as Earl Howser--Attorney

Has previous starred with Karl Malden (2 movies), Anthony Ross (2 movies), John Stearns (2 movies), Yvonne Rob (2 movies), Coleen Gray (2 movies), Bernard Sell (2 movies), Tito Vuolo (2 movies)

Howard Smith as Warden

Has previous starred with Jesse White (2 movies), Richard Widmark (2 movies)

Karl Malden as Sgt. William Cullen

Has previous starred with John Stearns (2 movies), Bernard Sell (2 movies), Tito Vuolo (2 movies), Bill Zuckert (2 movies), Anthony Ross (4 movies), Richard Widmark (6 movies)

Anthony Ross as 'Big Ed' Williams

Has previous starred with John Stearns (2 movies), Tito Vuolo (2 movies), Mel Ruick (2 movies)

A. George Smith as Policeman

Bernard Sell as Policeman

Has previous starred with Bill Zuckert (2 movies), Howard Smith (2 movies), Jesse White (3 movies), Tito Vuolo (4 movies)

Bill Zuckert as Sing Sing Guard

Consuela O'Connor as Girl

Eda Heinemann as Mrs. Keller

George Shelton as Waiter

Gloria O'Connor as Girl

Irene Shirley as Nun

Iris Mann as Congetta

J. Scott Smart

Jack Rutherford as Policeman

Jesse White as Taxi Driver

John Stearns as Harris

Lawrence Tiernan as Policeman

Lee Sanford as Chips Cooney

Mary Morrison as Mother Superior

Mel Ruick as Moremann's Assistant

Has previous starred with Jack Rutherford (2 movies), Irene Shirley (2 movies)

Milton Wallace

Richard Taber as Taxi Driver

Has previous starred with Coleen Gray (2 movies)

Tito Vuolo as Luigi

Has previous starred with Coleen Gray (2 movies)

Victor Thorley as Sing Sing Guard

Yvonne Rob as Customer

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