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Boomerang! (1947)

Rating: 7.3 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Boomerang!. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Dana Andrews as State's Atty. Henry L. Harvey

Has previous starred with Ed Begley (2 movies), Jane Wyatt (2 movies), Cara Williams (2 movies), Sam Levene (2 movies), Dimples Cooper (2 movies), Robert Keith (4 movies)

Jane Wyatt as Madge Harvey

Lee J. Cobb as Chief Harold F. 'Robbie' Robinson

Has previous starred with Walter Greaza (2 movies), Arthur Kennedy (2 movies), Edgar Stehli (2 movies), Richard Garrick (2 movies), Helene Hatch (2 movies), Sam Levene (2 movies), George Petrie (2 movies), Anthony Ross (2 movies), Jane Wyatt (3 movies)

Cara Williams as Irene Nelson - Waitress at Coney Island Cafe

Arthur Kennedy as John Waldron

Has previous starred with Leona Roberts (2 movies), Anthony Ross (2 movies)

Sam Levene as Dave Woods - 'Morning Record' Reporter

Has previous starred with Dimples Cooper (2 movies)

Taylor Holmes as T.M. Wade

Has previous starred with Anthony Ross (2 movies), John Stearns (2 movies), Cara Williams (2 movies)

Robert Keith as Mac McCreery

Has previous starred with Edgar Stehli (2 movies)

Ed Begley as Paul Harris

Has previous starred with Lee J. Cobb (2 movies), Dudley Sadler (2 movies), Anthony Ross (2 movies), Cara Williams (2 movies), Walter Greaza (3 movies)

Philip Coolidge as Jim Crossman

Has previous starred with Walter Greaza (2 movies)

Anna Minot as Secretary

Anthony Ross as Warren

Has previous starred with John Stearns (2 movies)

Clay Clement as Judge Tate

Has previous starred with Taylor Holmes (2 movies)

Dimples Cooper as Church Choir Member

Dudley Sadler as Dr. William Rainsford

Edgar Stehli as Ryan - Coroner

Fred Stewart as Graham

George Petrie as Harry O'Shea - Public Defender

Has previous starred with Anthony Ross (2 movies)

Guy Thomajan as Ronolo Cartucci - Witness

Has previous starred with Ida McGuire (2 movies), Helene Hatch (2 movies)

Helen Carew as Annie

Helene Hatch as Catherine Manion - Cashier, Plaza Theatre

Herbert Ratner as Investigator

Has previous starred with Jane Wyatt (2 movies)

Ida McGuire as Miss Roberts

John Stearns as Rev. Gardiner

Lawrence Paguin as Sheriff

Leona Roberts as Mrs. Crossman

Lucia Backus Seger as Mrs. Lukash - Witness

Paulene Myers as Maid

Richard Garrick as Graham Rogers - Storekeeper

Has previous starred with Guy Thomajan (2 movies), Helene Hatch (3 movies)

Walter Greaza as Mayor Swayze

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