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Blacula (1972)

Rating: 5.6 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Blacula. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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William Marshall as Blacula, Mamuwalde

Has previous starred with Vonetta McGee (2 movies), Vonetta McGee (2 movies)

Vonetta McGee as Tina, Luva

Denise Nicholas as Michelle

Thalmus Rasulala as Dr. Gordon Thomas

Has previous starred with Leoda Richards (2 movies), Denise Nicholas (2 movies)

Gordon Pinsent as Lt. Jack Peters

Charles Macaulay as Dracula

Has previous starred with William Marshall (2 movies), Vonetta McGee (2 movies)

Emily Yancy as Nancy

Lance Taylor Sr. as Swenson

Has previous starred with Ketty Lester (2 movies)

Ted Harris as Bobby McCoy

Rick Metzler as Billy Schaffer

Ji-Tu Cumbuka as Skillet

Has previous starred with Leanna Johnson Heath (2 movies), Thalmus Rasulala (2 movies), Leoda Richards (2 movies), Lance Taylor Sr. (2 movies), Ketty Lester (2 movies)

Logan Field as Sgt. Barnes

Ketty Lester as Juanita Jones

Elisha Cook Jr. as Sam

Eric Brotherson as Real Estate Agent

Has previous starred with Leoda Richards (2 movies), Elisha Cook Jr. (2 movies)

The Hues Corporation as The Hues Corporation

Adolph Caesar as Narrator of Theatrical Trailer

Has previous starred with Charles Macaulay (2 movies), William Marshall (2 movies), Vonetta McGee (3 movies)

David Westberg as LA Cop

Jan Stratton as Policewoman Kirby

Jeffrey L. Tandy as Extra

Has previous starred with Lance Taylor Sr. (2 movies)

Leanna Johnson Heath as Receptionist

Leoda Richards as Party Guest

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